General and important information


1) All articles presented on this site are to be understood as religious and folkloric curiosities linked to Italian and South American traditions. Fortuna Italia LLC does not boast miraculous properties nor paranormal powers. The descriptions of the same refer to what has been handed down from the various traditions to which the products belong. It is up to the common sense of the user to evaluate them. Each imported item respects the current regulations regarding safety and authenticity. The consultancy services are limited to sharing information about traditional use and do not include consultations of fortune telling, clairvoyance or related services. Fortuna Italia LLC limits itself to importing and distributing the material and enriching the products with traditional information on use.

2) Many of the items in our Catalog are elements belonging to different religious/esoteric cultures. The attribution of supernatural or magical properties by them is obviously not scientifically and positively demonstrable, breaking away from practical use and falling within the realm of faith. We invite buyers to objectively evaluate any purchases in order to avoid that they could in any way harm their ethics and personal sensitivity. Fortuna Italia LLC is not responsible for this, exercising only a function of distribution and sale of articles that are intended as folkloric curiosities.

3) By sending their order, the customer declares to have read and accepted the general conditions of sale and to have understood the nature of the items purchased.